Actualitatea ambasadei

Notice of public auction for selling an Embassy vehicle

Embassy of Romania to the Kingdom of Norway would like to inform all interested parties about the public auction for selling the own vehicle: Skoda Octavia, manufactured in 2002.

The car is generally in a good condition, showing slight rust spots and scratches and needs replacement of brake drums and plates, distribution kit and the EU test must be performed. The mileage of the car is 87.782 km and it will be delivered with both summer and winter tires.

The public auction will start from the bid price of 21.000 NOK.

The public auction will take place on December 27th, 2016, starting with 12.00 hours, at the Embassy of Romania premises in Oscars gate 51, 0244 Oslo.

To be admitted at the auction, any bidder must fill in previously an application form which needs to be registered at the Embassy by December 23th, 2016, at 12.00 hours, together with the proof of payment of the compulsory fee of 10% of the bid vehicle auction price issued by the Embassy accountant. The application form is available at the Embassy or here.

The vehicle could be viewed on the parking spot in the front of the Embassy – Oscars gate 51, 0244 Oslo.

For additional information please contact the Embassy Secretariat (phone / or Mr. Laurentiu Radu (phone 950.34.698).


(Embassy of Romania to the Kingdom of Norway, 19 December 2016)



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